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If you have questions we are always eager to answer your inquiry or address your comments about the CPS network or how the program works.

Many questions have already been addressed and you may wish to review the Frequently Answered Question (FAQ) section. The answer to your questions may already have been asked and answered, and the fastest way to get your answer is look at the Q & A section.

The link to our email, will give you a quick way to ask a question - get an answer. It is entirely possible that your question and its answer may just wind up in the FAQ section. Of course to protect your privacy your name or personal information won't appear in the Q & A section. If you email CPS will respond to your inquiry within 2 - 3 business days at most, and often much faster.

Of course, if you your have a pressing problem you can call us directly. If you believe that you need an immediate answer please call us at 212-889-5858.

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